All-In-One Energy Storage Systems – Residential & Commercial

What is an All-In-One Energy Storage System?

An All-In-One Energy Storage System integrates a variety of energy storage components like batteries, Lithium Iron Phosphate cells, power conversion systems (PCS), charge controllers, and remote monitoring systems into one unit. They are designed for residential and commercial applications by maximizing the energy generated from solar panels. Energy storage systems are excellent power solutions as backup power during blackouts or by providing demand response by shifting power from the energy grid in high usage periods to renewable sources like solar power. This helps balance the energy draw for the community and offer significant cost savings to the solar energy user.

Fully Integrated Commercial Energy Systems

Fortress Power’s Commercial & Industrial energy storage solutions offer pre-configured, fully integrated, turnkey systems that reduce on-site and installation time. Tier 1 LFP battery cells along with integrated cooling, fire suppression, and battery management systems provide the highest level of safety, thermal runaway stability, and reliability. Built-in microgrid controls allow integration with distributed energy resources while the intelligent EMS and Fleet Management software helps to reduce energy costs, prepare for resiliency, and maximize your return on investment.
Residential Backup Solutions

Residential Homes & Multi-Family Dwellings

Residential Backup Solutions

Grocery & Convenience Stores

Residential Backup Solutions

Charging Stations & Service Areas

Residential Backup Solutions

Schools, Banks, & Hospitals

Lithium Phosphate Battery Storage Systems:

Our commercial systems feature a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery (also known as LiFePO4 or LFP) system because of the significant benefits it provides to industrial and commercial applications. LFPs last longer than other battery technologies. LiFePO4 are safer than older Li-ion batteries, mitigating the issues of toxic fumes and off-gassing. Finally, LiFePO4 charges faster than other batteries, usually within 3-6 hours using solar panels.


all-in-one energy storage systems
  • Peak shaving for demand charge management
  • Built-in microgrid controls with adaptive EMS / Fleet Management
  • Advanced liquid cooling for the extended battery lifespan
  • Load shifting for time-of-use savings
  • Real and reactive power compensation to improve power quality
  • Standalone operation in off-grid mode for power backup
  • Store excess solar energy during the day and use at another time
  • Scalable capacity from 280kWh to 4.2mWh
Residential Backup Solutions


  • Large Residential – Light Commercial
  • Scalable capacity from 81-266kWh
  • AC and DC coupling options for indoor and outdoor installation
  • Microgrid, off-grid, backup, peak shaving, demand response, load shifting
  • Built-in microgrid controls
  • Optional adaptive EMS and Fleet Management


Residential Backup Solutions
  • Gain real time insight into a microgrid’s operations through Keystone’s
    cloud platform
  • Portfolio level view of all projects for stakeholders with multiple sites
  • Customizable alarms & alerts to ensure equipment is working properly
  • Access an historical record of the effectiveness of a microgrid
  • See savings breakdowns by time-of-use (TOU) periods & as a daily sum
  • Monitor all available equipment for failures or warning signs in real time

Safe & Reliable Residential Backup Solutions

Our residential energy storage systems are made up of the highest quality and longest lasting Tier 1 Prismatic Lithium Iron Phosphate cells. We offer all-in-one solutions for applications such as small to large residential, light commercial, telecom, railway, mobile, and more. We offer both 48V and High Voltage systems to meet your power requirements.
Residential Backup Solutions

20,000+ Installations Globally

Residential Backup Solutions

Safest LIFeP04 Technology

Residential Backup Solutions

Financing Options

Residential Backup Solutions

Excellent Technical Support

Residential Backup Solutions

Indoor & Outdoor

48V Energy Storage Systems:

48V systems offer several advantages, such as improved efficiency and reduced losses during power transmission. This higher voltage level can help minimize energy wastage, making it a suitable choice for energy storage.
all-in-one energy storage systems


  • Salt water resistant aluminum enclosure
  • IP65 dust and waterproof design for outdoor install
  • Flexible mounting options (wall mount, floor-standing, server rack mount)
  • Scalable to 162 kWh 8,000 cycles (15+ year lifespan)
  • Battery monitoring through Guardian App
all-in-one energy storage systems


  • Scalable to 370 kWh for both residential and commercial buildings
  • Local monitoring via large LCD display
  • Easy install and fast commissioning
  • 8,000 cycles (15+ year lifespan)
  • Battery monitoring through Guardian App
all-in-one energy storage systems


  • Outdoor rated enclosure with sealed eFlex units and 48v inverter
  • Active & passive cooling to maximize system efficiency
  • Easy to add DIN rail thermostat for cold climates
  • Whole home backup with 200A AC passthrough
  • Scalable to 60kW/162kWh
all-in-one energy storage systems

ENVY 8/10/12K

  • All-in-one solution (PV, generator, on/off grid, AC/DC coupling)
  • Whole home backup with 200A AC passthrough
  • Fast installation & commissioning
  • Built-in AP smart rapid shutdown transmitter
  • IP 65 rated for outdoor install

High Voltage Systems:

High Voltage battery systems that operate at higher voltage levels can charge and discharge energy at a faster rate compared to low voltage systems improving delivery times, making them an optimum choice for large power applications and storage capacity because they can store and convert energy with a smaller amount of loss which also translates into lower operating costs.

all-in-one energy storage systems


  • Ultra-thin space saving design
  • 4.8 – 38.4 kWh (scalable up to 76.8 kWh)
  • Sealed battery protects against dust, water, and humidity
  • Active heating & cooling temperature management for outdoor installs
  • 8,000+ cycle life with tier 1 automotive grade Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery
  • Stackable for easy installation & logistics
all-in-one energy storage systems


  • 200A pass-through, grid transfer switch, and load management combined in one
  • Combines multiple solar arrays, battery inverters, EV charger, and generator
  • Integrated load control (12 circuits),HVAC, pump, water heater, etc.
  • Installer-friendly wiring access for easy installation & expansion
all-in-one energy storage systems


  • 11.4kW inverter
  • 4 MPPTs for maximum efficiency(max 18.24 kW PV array)
  • AC or DC coupled for flexible design and retrofitting
  • Integrated module level rapid shutdown transmitter
  • Scales up to 114kW

BizReps Selection & Installation Assistance

Sizing your energy storage system is the first step our certified technicians will help you complete. BizReps will help you select the correct size system utilizing a thorough load calculation to determine the power needs of your critical systems by our engineers.

We also assist in helping you obtain rebates, grants and other incentives available in your geographical area to make these systems even more affordable. Contact us to get the process started.

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