Latest projections from Grand View Research expect the legal cannabis market to reach $35B in the U.S. by 2025 and $73.6B globally by 2027. With more and more U.S. states pushing for full legalization – and the federal government hinting at full legalization (fingers crossed!) – cannabis businesses are at the forefront of the next gold rush. At the center of the spotlight is cannabis grow lighting.

The key to realizing or even exceeding those projections? Innovation. There’s just one problem: inefficient or unreliable grow lighting continues to trip up growers. Again, innovation is crucial for cannabis to continue growing its reach.

Cannabis grow lighting options vary based on anything from anecdotal support to actual scientific evidence. Do you use HPS, MH, HID (#oldschool), LEDs? The list goes on and on. Achieving truly full-spectrum energy from a grow light has been a moving target for so many cannabis businesses. As a grower, you want as much light to your plants as possible – we call that PPFD photosynthetic photon flux density. The human eye can’t see it, but low-frequency lights ‘blink’ many times per second. This causes plants to absorb less energy.

So, What’s the Best Grow Light for Cannabis Businesses?

The newest developments in grow light technology can remove this frustration for good. The future of grow lights is here and it’s called gGRO™ grow lights provided by BizReps. This revolutionary new grow light will be second only to natural sunlight due to its spectral power, incredible efficiency, and fully customizable application. Unlike other products on the market, gGRO provides innovation for cultivation innovators.

Time is money, especially for a grow business that lives or dies according to harvest cycles. If there was only a way to produce faster growth, bigger buds, and more THC in a shorter period of time.

Wish granted.

gGRO grow lights provided by BizReps are your best choice to produce a healthy, natural, and sustainable yield. You’ll never have to worry about the sticker shock of monthly utility bills like growers who don’t want the hassle (and expense) of hiring an electrician for grow light installation in their business’ grow space.

gGRO products are used by two of the most respected and beloved medicinal dispensaries in California. They’re also one of the top brands among grow rooms across America, from Denver to Florida – meaning that your customers and distributors will love your new flower capacity.

gGRO ceramic metal halide lights – CMH lights – are the only reliable, high-frequency grow fixtures on the market – delivering more energy to plants than low-frequency systems. The custom-engineered, reflective surface eliminates hot spots that can damage plants and, most importantly, delivers maximum energy over a uniform area to each plant. They also provide full-spectrum lighting including UVA and far-red for growth quality.

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How Do gGRO™ Grow Lights Compare to LED Grow Lighting?

A grow light’s efficacy is measured in lumens per watt. This is important to growers because it determines their electrical consumption and grow room design needs.

gGRO™ grow lights produce up to 100% of the PAR spectrum including UV, IR, Visible Light, Near Infrared (NIR), and Far-Infrared (FIR). In comparison, LED grow lights produce only about a third of the PAR spectrum. gGRO™ grow lights are also less expensive to operate than both LED and HPS grow lights.

gGRO™ grow light efficiency is unmatched by any other grow lighting technology in commercial production; it is only 650W compared to a 1000W HPS with a low threshold of energy consumption. This means growers get more for their dollar when they invest in gGRO™ grow lights.

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How Do gGRO™ Grow Lights Compare to HPS Grow Lighting?

gGRO™ grow lights are the most efficient grow light in its class, using less power and generating a significantly broader useful spectrum than any HPS (high-pressure sodium) grow light on the market. This is due to a unique combination of features not found in competing grow lights like ceramic metal halide or high-pressure sodium lamps that make up a vast majority of grow lighting in cannabis businesses.

The real secret sauce? gGRO™ grow lights are also easier to use than HPS grow lights and provide growers with a spectrum of light that is second only to natural sunlight. This includes the blue, red, and green wavelengths necessary for plant growth as well as infrared rays (IR) that help plants grow robust root systems and the gGRO™ UV also helps control mold issues. gGRO ™grow lights give cannabis entrepreneurs a competitive advantage by enabling them to grow plants more efficiently and with higher quality in their yield.

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gGRO™ Grow Lighting Optics

  • The gGRO™ optics are precision-designed to deliver uniform energy for the plant’s canopy. The custom-engineered surface eliminates hot spots that can damage plants and, most importantly, delivers maximum energy over a uniform area to each individual plant.
  • Tighter beam angle puts more photons on the plant canopy and less in the aisleways and on the walls. Think optimal lighting, less wasted energy in the walkways.
  • 95%+ reflectivity. That’s not a typo – that’s gGRO™.

gGRO™ Lighting Ballast

  • Proprietary and patented gHID® technology is the true strength behind this fixture.
  • The product releases an ultra-high-frequency, which is much different than HPS lighting, increasing the power of blue and red light waves beyond the typical range of low-frequency systems.
  • Each gGRO™ grow lamp is built with an independent ballast.
  • Dimmable with a voltage range of 0-10 volts DC.

Mechanical and Electrical

  • Powder-coated aluminum housing and made in the U-S-of-Friggin’-A.
  • Power cords can daisy-chain to a single power source. A standard three-foot gGRO™ grow light cord is long enough for five feet of spacing.
  • gGRO™ grow lights are built with suspension points for a balanced and level mount.
  • Integral power switch on the fixture for ease of maintenance and lamp replacement.


  • 3 years on the fixture
  • 1 year on gGRO™ lamps

Who Are the Brains Behind gGRO™ Grow Lights?

Jeff Nall, Chief Technology Officer of gGRO™, is one of the top cannabis tech inventors of our time. He’s earned multiple master’s degrees and 25 issued lighting tech patents as an inventor. He serves as the lead designer and developer across our entire product portfolio. These credentials have helped drive our innovation and make gGRO™ one of the most innovative lighting products on the market today.

Mathieu St. Germain is the Chief Cannabis Officer at gGRO™, who has deep expertise in the cultivation and grow lighting industry. Germain also serves as a judge for the Emerald Cup, which Rolling Stone Magazine has called “The Academy Awards” of the cannabis industry.

So, How Do You Get the Most Energy-Efficient, Award-Winning Cannabis Grow Lights in the World?

Your first step is to book a call with our team at BizReps to talk about your cannabis business’ grow light needs. We have boots-on-the-ground grow experts who ‘get it’ when it comes to harvests, yields, PPFD, PAR spectrum – all things cannabis growth.

You can keep wasting energy with inferior lighting splashes your aisleways, wishing you could get even more from your harvests… OR you can get more THC, faster growth, and bigger buds than you ever thought possible with gGRO™ grow lamps. Talk with our team to see what’s possible.

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