Recently the Department of Land and Natural Resources Division of Forestry and Wildlife Maui was looking for a way to monitor the Marine Park in Maui. The challenge they faced was that many of the areas in need of surveillance did not have electricity available.


The Challenge


Upon gathering their requirements, a bid was sent out to potential vendors for a video surveillance system in remote areas, the system required would need to have a fully self-contained, tamper resistant, solar powered, cellular connected, surveillance camera systems to be deployed in remote locations.

Bids were requested along with demonstrations of the system’s capabilities in order to choose the best system to meet their requirements and stay within their budget. BizReps and Solar Research Technologies were awarded the agreement with the INTEL-EYE, a portable solar powered video surveillance system The INTEL-EYE.


The Solution


The INTEL-EYE Portable Hybrid Surveillance System is a new technological advancement in solar powered high tech, intelligent surveillance systems. The unit is completely autonomous requiring only solar power to provide all necessary energy needs. The unit can be portable or stationery and features a housing unit constructed with aircraft grade materials and precision machining that is both resilient to outdoor weather conditions as well as protection against tampering or abuse.

The entire system can be quickly assembled in the field and deployed in remote locations, agricultural fields, anywhere a reliable and self-sustaining surveillance need exists. Multiple systems can be linked together for large area coverage, with up to 300 meters separation between units.

The high definition cameras feature night vision capabilities and can cover a 360 degree horizontal view in addition to a 0-90 degree vertical field of view.

The INTEL-EYE Portable Hybrid Surveillance System
The INTEL-EYE Portable Hybrid Surveillance System
The INTEL-EYE Portable Hybrid Surveillance System
The INTEL-EYE Portable Hybrid Surveillance System
The INTEL-EYE Portable Hybrid Surveillance System

Solar & Cellular Technology Advancements


Solar technology advancements combined with high definition cameras and cellular transmission finally enable remote locations to cost effectively monitor the area without having to install unity lines or use huge battery back up system to keep surveillance running 24/7.


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