Mobile Solar Generators: Harnessing the Power of the Sun on the Go

What Are Mobile Solar Generators?

A portable solar generator is a combination of a power generating station and a solar panel. The power station stores energy in batteries, and the solar panel collects energy from the sun and converts it into electricity. The solar generator can be used to provide power for a variety of applications from home use to powering an entire business location depending on its power capability.

Solar generators are an increasingly popular option for portable power, as they offer a clean and renewable source of energy. Originally solar generators were designed to power small appliances like lights and phone chargers or larger devices like TVs and refrigerators.

Today, these generators are becoming more popular as backup power sources for businesses and large power requirement applications. For some the application is a backup source of power due to outages or natural disasters. A new generation of power generators can provide power to applications that are in remote areas where a power grid is not available. The configuration and power rating helps determine how a generator can be applied for a specific application or situation.

BizReps Generators & Systems for Power and Water Purification:

BizReps is proud to launch a complete series of generators and systems designed to bring power to critical operations and application in the event of a power outage or provide power where no power grid is available. These systems are designed not only to provide power but to effectively monitor usage for applications like RO water purification, security lighting, and emergency response activities.

What Our Systems are made of:

PV Array: The PV or photo voltaic panels Aka solar panel modules are high grade units capable of producing 660 W to 6600 W depending on the number and configuration of the modules.

Power Monitoring Apps: Our apps give you total control over your power usage at any moment, from anywhere in the world. Monitor usage, users, and equipment to maximize energy and machine efficiency through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, & 4G LTE allowing you real time monitoring, remote control, and total control over your existing equipment.

Battery Back: Our batteries are matched with the unit to provide enough energy when there is no sun so that you can continue operations without reduced power levels.

Heliotropic Orientation Devices: These units allow our PV modules to orient themselves to the best availability of sunlight. Just like a sunflower, these units adjust the modules in accordance with the changing sunlight angle, enabling our systems to double the average daily power harvest of the sun.

Inverter/Charger: the key function of an inverter is to convert DC output power into usable AC power. Our inverter charger combines the inverter and the battery charger into a single unit, reducing parts and increasing efficiency!

Platforms and Structures: A true mobile generator solution needs to travel into many difficult environments. We build our trailers and command centers from military grade materials to not only withstand the elements where they are operating but to make sure they can get there as well.

BizReps Selection & Installation Assistance

Sizing your generator is the first step our certified generator technicians will help you complete. BizReps will help you select the correct size solar generator or power system utilizing a thorough load calculation to determine the power needs of your critical systems by our engineers. We also assist in helping you obtain rebates, grants and other incentives available in your geographical area to make these systems even more affordable. Contact us to get the process started.

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