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A portable solar power generator can be a source of backup power by providing extra power when the grid is down and unlike a gasoline generator, is a portable backup power source of power that you can charge your devices without the noise and toxic fumes. With portable solar panels, you can let your solar generator work to power these charging stations anywhere the sun shines, especially during power outages.


Solar generators come in a variety of sizes, from small portable models that can fit in the back of your car to larger units that can power an entire business. Business owners can benefit from portable solar power generators because they can provide a reliable, renewable electricity source, during power outages or, as a backup for their existing power grid and with the correct configuration. Your business can use the sun’s energy to help power the facility with Solari 2KW or 4 KW professional intelligent solar power generation module powered by BizReps and Solar Research Technologies. This solar powered generator is the portable power station that could be the ideal backup system for your business as it offers several advantages, including the ability to provide clean power in an emergency situation. Our system offers greater reliability than other options such as gasoline generators all while providing your business with WIFI, Bluetooth & ethernet communications, and power storage with lithium-ion batteries or lead acid batteries. The Solari Professional is the perfect size solar generator and has a heavy duty 3KW 120VAC inverter with a 220 option that also has a built in MPPT solar charge controller, lightning protection, GPS worldwide position data, and full system monitoring making the Solari a perfect solution for mobile power applications in locations without an available fuel source.
Applications & Benefits
Advanced Features

Features & Benefits

Solar power generators are an excellent source of backup power to provide reliable and renewable energy to your business. By investing in a portable solar generator, you can enjoy the convenience of being able to move the generator to different locations when needed, and the power capacity combines a high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery or lead acid battery along with an array of portable solar panels for a versatile device that can provide emergency backup power almost anywhere.
Other activities like camping, tailgates, or even DIY projects around your backyard are safer to use, easier to maintain than gas-fired generators, and can be huge for emergency preparedness as people become more aware of the threat of storms and wildfires and attacks on the grid. A portable solar power generator can help you power your business during peak hours and can also be connected to power your ac wall outlets. It’s also great for charging your phone, tablet, or powering smaller devices like fans or laptops and any portable power station worth the money will have a high output capacity like the Solari so you can charge several devices simultaneously. Solar generators not only reliably generate clean electricity from the sun, but they also reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions associated with traditional portable gasoline and diesel generators. This replicates the growth and popularity of home solar power systems as an alternative to using fossil fuels to power homes.


Wireless Communications

With the power of 4G LTE combined with the right equipment, mobile internet systems can deliver fast, affordable and reliable mobile internet service backup that goes well beyond what local providers can offer businesses. The equipment needed for a 4G backup network is a 4G modem. The 4G modem is available as a stand-alone unit connected to a compatible router, or as an integrated feature in a 4G router similar to a “home hub” provided by your IP. When using a 4G modem, you can get your Internet connection from your mobile network instead of the cable infrastructure to your building so in the event of outages, you can use your 4G Wi-Fi router for internet sharing anywhere as long as you are within range of the network service cell tower signal provided by your wireless carrier.

Applications & Benefits


These are a few options that you can add on to your Solari 2kw or 4kw Professional.

We can also build you a custom solar power system to fit special conditions. Ask us how we can help you with your custom designs.

  • GSM Communications Module
  • 6 I/O PLC
  • 800AH Upgrade
  • High Output MPPT Charge Controllers
  • Heavy duty 3KW 220 VAC Inverter

BizReps Selection & Installation Assistance

Correctly sizing your generator is the first step our certified generator technicians will help you complete. BizReps will help you select the correct size solar power generator system utilizing a thorough load calculation to determine the power needs of your critical systems by our engineers. We also assist you with pre-sales questions regarding communications that best fit your business needs. Contact us to get the process started.

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