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The INTEL-EYE Portable Hybrid Surveillance System

State of Hawaii Installs a Solar Powered Video Surveillance System

Solar Powered Surveillance System

Recent advancements in solar technology have revolutionized various industries, including the realm of security systems. Solar-powered security systems and cameras have emerged as game-changers, offering numerous benefits that traditional wired systems struggle to match. By harnessing the power of the sun, these innovative solutions have paved the way for sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective surveillance.

Imagine the ability of having 24/7 security cameras and recording capabilities in remote areas where power is not available or having a system that can maintain security even in a power outage situation. BizReps Intell-Eye is the realization of this and is available now to solve your surveillance challenges now.

Solar Powered Security Cameras

Hybrid Technology Surveillance Systems

Intell-Eye is more than just a solar powered camera it is a complete professional, solar powered surveillance solution and is designed to operate 24/7, 365 days a year under continuous recording duty. It is a robust system and will continue to operate from a full charge for at least 48 hours + with no sunshine or cloudy days. Multiple systems can be combined for large area coverage, with up to 300 meters separation between units.

Intell-Eye System Features

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  • Telescopic Mast
  • Twin 200AH batteries
  • 300-meter LOR Wi Fi Range
  • 400-Watt Solar panel array
  • Ultra-Fast MPPT solar charger
  • 48 Hours + run time with no sun.

Durable Construction

Intell-Eye is constructed with aircraft grade materials and precision machined here at Solar Research Technologies. Our telescopic mast mounting system offers a vandal resistant/ quick change approach for easy and fast deployments in the field.
Energy Management System

System Controller

The main system controller uses our proprietary 50 Amp MPPT Solar Charger w/ Lightning Surge Protection built in that offers a rated run time of continuous capture/streaming video with backup power of 48 hours+ under no charge conditions. A MIMO router is built in and the unit offers 2 Programmable Relays, 4 digital I/O available for customer use and features Internet control access.

Solar Powered Security Cameras

Solar Powered Outdoor Security Cameras
Intell-Eye uses twin PTZ outdoor security cameras for 360 degrees horizontal, 0-90degrees vertical field of view!

  • Night Vision Range 320 Feet
  • (POE Camera Option)
  • LOR Wi-Fi Antenna Range 300 Meters
  • Built in support for 4GLTE, Wi-Fi and POE
  • camera systems to choose from.
  • Multiple systems can be linked together
  • for a network and large area coverage.
Solar Array

Solar Panel Features

Intell-Eye has been carefully engineered with twin 200-watt Monocrystalline panels wired in parallel to provide maximum shade tolerance and reliable energy harvest to the MPPT controller.

The array has an adjustable tilt angle from 0 degrees to 40 degrees from the horizontal to assure the correct angle can be set regardless of latitude at the site location.

Energy Management System

We use Powerful V-Core Energy Management, our ultra-fast MPPT chargers combined with robust real-time data charts, graphs, reports and more keep you completely informed about your system performance. Accessible on any smart device anytime, anywhere internet access is available. Detailed energy management dashboard with graphical display, GPS Location, and analytical reports via web portal.

Durable Materials & Construction

Manufactured with heavy wall marine grade aluminum structure and powder coated for maximum protection against the elements. Our systems are designed for portable or permanent mounting.

BizReps Selection & Installation Assistance

Sizing your generator is the first step our certified generator technicians will help you complete. BizReps will help you select the correct size solar generator or power system utilizing a thorough load calculation to determine the power needs of your critical systems by our engineers. We also assist in helping you obtain rebates, grants and other incentives available in your geographical area to make these systems even more affordable. Contact us to get the process started.

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