We still believe nothing is better than “made in the uSA” with Red, white, and blue craftsmanship.

Check the tag – what’s it say? “Made in America” is music to our ears.

Search the nation from the steel mills of Pittsburgh and Chicago to the mine shafts of West Virginia, across the Heartland of Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Kansas, and over the Rocky Mountains, and you will find them. On every assembly line, in every warehouse, on the lines, in the trenches, shaping materials of every shape and size, they are the uncommon catalyst. An American worker knows how to take pride in their craftsmanship – and we know how to light the way forward.

Our BizReps team can connect with the right manufacturer for your metal fabrication needs, whether it’s a small one-time component you need fabricated or thousands of components and anywhere in between. If it can be made out of metal, our manufacturers can make and install it better than anyone else.

We are Certified Manufacturing Professionals

Our manufacturing partners hold some of the highest levels of certifications to most effectively support your manufacturing needs with excellence and care.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system (EMS). It provides a framework that an organization can follow, rather than establishing environmental performance requirements.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 ISO 9001 was first published in 1987 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), an international agency composed of the national standards bodies of more than 160 countries. The current version of ISO 9001 was released in September 2015.

CWB Certification for Robotics Equipment

The CWB Group certifies companies, inspection organizations, inspectors, and welding consumables through a review and qualification process to ensure that they meet the requirements for a variety of product and safety codes as well as standards such as CSA W47.2CSA W55.3, CSA W186, CSA W178.1, CSA W178.2, CSA W48.

We Match the Best U.S.-Based Manufacturers with the Right Companies for Optimal Results

Our American manufacturing companies work with every size of company ranging from small businesses to large corporations, such as John Deere and HON Industries. Their approach is designed to be as flexible and specialized as possible to meet your manufacturing needs. They perform everything from sheet metal fabrication, metal welding, metal forming, structural steel component fabrication, advanced manufacturing, and so much more.

Take the next step by connecting with our team. We know how to navigate even the most specialized manufacturing need – and all without sacrificing quality. Hit the button to start booking a time with our team.

We Specialize in Quality Precision Metal Fabrication

Our network of American manufacturers provides a wide array of  services, including:

  • Full service metal fabrication
  • Custom metal fabrication projects
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Manufacturing capabilities for thousands or one-off components

Our Manufacturers Use State-of-the-Art Equipment to Create Unparalleled Results

Here are just a few of the pieces of equipment our manufacturing partners use for metal fabrication.

CNC Machining

Highly efficient in the small to medium beam metal fabrication market, the Ocean Avenger Beam Drill for drilling metal utilizes a tool coolant system, allowing it to drill through hardened steel and even super thick Jumbo beams. Our vendors utilizing this machine are able to provide faster drill feed rates than most other machines. Whether your project requires small or large CNC machining capabilities, our vendors have the right equipment with precision outcomes.

High-Performance Metal Bending Equipment

Our vendors work with some of the biggest corporations in the country, producing top-quality products, such as HON® filing cabinets, using the Performer+ machine. This guarantees precision metal bending and allows for an infinite number of types of bends possible, producing them faster and with the highest accuracy. If you have project that requires metal bending with repeatable processes, high productivity and reduces the potential for errors, our vendors have high-performance equipment to complete your project.

Laser Equipment

The laser equipment our vendors use, such as the Finn Power 6000W Fiber Laser, are state of the art and can cut nearly an unlimited diversity of material and shapes, cutting more than 450’ of metal per minute and as thick as ¾” and as large as 6 x 13 in size at a time.

Robotic Welding Equipment

When you need to take productivity to the next level, the Genesis Welder is just one such machine our vendors use to reduce the weld cycle time with multiple robot configurations, which increases welding productivity, precision, and efficiency. Our vendors use only the highest quality and precision equipment to quickly and efficiently get the job done.

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