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Who We Are

BizReps is a Woman Owned Organization that specializes in sustainability, renewable energy products, and customized solutions for power generation and energy storage equipment.

For every engagement, we bring our unique combination of functional expertise to maximize efficiencies and minimize or eliminate risks that cost time and money.

We interface closely with on site representatives and our teaming partners to prevent surprises and prioritize requirements Since 2017, BizReps has worked with our partners in providing confidence in conservation.


  • Solar Power Generation and Storage
    Power Outage Back up systems 350W/500VA
    Emergency Charging Systems with Internet Access
    2KW Solar Power Generation & Storage w/Inverter
  • Natural Gas, Reclaimed Gas, Propane, and Methane
    Power Generators

    Sized from 35KW up to 10Megawatt DC
  • Solar Powered LED Lighting Systems
    Intelligent PV Powered Commercial Lighting
    Intelligent PV Powered Horticulture Lighting
  • EV Charging Systems
    Off Grid Fast/ Super Fast Charging Capabilities
    Standard Level 2 and Level 3 Charging Stations
  • Off Grid Indoor Grow Facilities
    Permanent Building Structures
    Portable Shipping Container Grow Farms


  • Newest Innovative Technologies on the Market
    Intelligent Engineering
    Field Tested
    Market Ready
  • Technical Specialists
    We have in-house specialists for all products and groupings.
  • Robust
    We incorporate the highest quality materials into all our products.
  • Project Expertise
    We Customize each project to fit the needs of the client precisely.
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Past Performance

Our proactive, objective, and disciplined work ethic has resulted in partnerships and collaborations with the organizations listed here.

Corporate Snapshot

  • DUNS: 114388750
  • CAGE Code: 9DYP1
  • Bonding: $2 Million
  • Primary NAICS: 221114
  • Additional NAICS: 332999, 336320, 238220
  • Third Party Certified – WOSB

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