Sustainable energy lighting solutions for office spaces are currently in high demand. We know you have lots of tools for keeping your business on a budget, but we bet you didn’t know that solar-powered LED lighting could save your office big bucks! Follow our guide to learn more about this exciting opportunity and what top product we recommend for forward-thinking office managers.

What Can My Office Lights Do For Me?

Your lights are an asset to your business. Like the rest of your business model, they need to be running like a well-oiled machine to make you money! Solar and LED lights can be working for you at all times. 

Protect Your Employees

Lights come in different colors and intensities and these variables can greatly affect your employees’ mood and productivity. Blue light, specifically, is on everyone’s radar these days as we are trapped on our screens for school and work during the pandemic. 

Blue light is a blanket term for harmful frequencies of light waves, light waves measured at 300 nanometers in particular. Many LED lights naturally err on the blue light spectrum to mimic daylight. But if you are around them for hours on end, without any sort of filter, they have been found to have adverse effects such as insomnia, dry eye, lack of motivation, and seasonal affective disorder. 

The science behind these negative side effects is that blue light disrupts your biological clock, or circadian rhythm. Overexposure to the light suppresses your sleep hormone melatonin. 

This information poses the question: are your LED office lights helping or hurting your productivity? The good news is, LED office lighting at the right frequency and nanometers can actually help your biological clock and increase productivity! To maximize the potential benefits, opt for the best LED office lights that mimic natural light and have higher CRI, these fall in the 450-550 nanometers spectrum.

Here are some action steps to take as a business owner:

  • Determine what light color you require or desire for your office
  • Always check the nanometers on the LED light color you are shopping for
  • Build awareness with your employees on the effects of blue light
  • Invest in LED office lights that raise light levels in a healthy way

LED Office Lights Are Low-Maintenance

There are many benefits to making the switch to solar-powered office lighting. Here’s a list of some we bet you haven’t thought of:

  • Quality LEDs have an expected lifespan of 50,000 hours or longer. While a typical incandescent bulb lasts only about 1,000 hours, a compact fluorescent lamp lasts for about 8,000 to 10,000 hours. Low lifespan after the replacement and maintenance cost for commercial establishments.
  • With a longer operational life, LED lighting products eliminate the need for frequent replacement in offices and workplaces, thus achieving a low maintenance lighting system.
  • Unlike incandescent bulbs, LED lights have low operating temperatures and hence don’t generate a lot of heat like their counterparts. The heat generated from lighting units comes together to influence temperature in the office space.
  • Traditional lighting due to its heat-generating nature often pushes the air conditioners to work harder which makes them consume more energy. LED lighting products check such wastage and reduce the power bills as well.

Better Lighting Means A Cleaner, Healthier Office Space

Aged incandescent lights crank out heat and UV rays, and as a result, they are bug magnets! Flies in the light fixtures, walls, or floors are a total buzz-kill when you’re trying to maintain a clean and professional office atmosphere. With LED lighting, you can completely eliminate the struggle with insects and bugs. Solar-powered LED lighting produces hardly any heat from its lighting source. This reduces the presence of moths and bugs who are just trying to get warm. 

Known for being strong and sturdy, LED lighting devices use semiconductor material rather than a filament or neon gas. A LED light is a tiny microchip element enclosed in plastic material. This is what makes the LED lighting products especially hardy and more durable than the traditional incandescent lighting bulbs or tubes. It also makes them safer since they are less likely to break. Tiny shards of glass around the office are an unwanted hazard!

Unlike traditional incandescent lights, LED lights work on low voltage. This feature allows offices & workplaces with LED lighting to work even in low or dim power supply conditions. While incandescent bulbs could get damaged during low power supply, LED lighting doesn’t get fused while working on a low voltage supply.

Smart Lighting

Do you like to run a tight ship around the office? Want features like scheduling, dimming, and wireless control in a new lighting system? Smart lighting is the future and comes standard in many LED systems. You’ll love the ability to remotely control the lighting and instantly influence the ambiance of your offices with a click of a button. In addition, smart lighting lightens the load for office administration staff and simplifies management processes.

How Hard is it to Install Solar-Powered LED Lights for Offices?

Worried that solar-powered LED office lights will be a pain to install? This cutting-edge solution offers an easy and quick way to upgrade your lighting. It’s surprisingly simple! The solar panel is mounted on your roof and just two wires are needed to transfer the solar power from the sun to your LED lights inside. Wire number one is the AC wire, which already exists in your building. The second wire is the PV or photovoltaic energy wire. 

This metal cloud wire will be a new addition to your current wiring system. These two wires simply run into a box in your drop ceiling to deliver the solar energy to your LED office lighting indoors. The good news is that these lights go up incredibly fast. Your electrician can install them in no time, with hardly any disruption to your day-to-day business operations!

Want to learn more about the best office lighting that’s solar-powered? Check out the 2021 Energy-Efficiency Lighting Guide for Businesses and Building Owners for detailed information.

Does LED Lighting Really Save Money?

Let’s talk about what every office manager wants to know- what’s the return on investment?

It’s common knowledge that swapping old fluorescent high bays for new environmentally-friendly LEDs can save you up to 70% on your utilities. However, simply replacing fluorescent lights with LED lights will not necessarily continue to earn you money in the long run. You’re simply paying a lower premium to keep the lights on. But when you install solar to work in conjunction with your LEDs, you are actually displacing a percentage of the light that you would otherwise be buying. 

For example, it takes on average about 5 years to earn back your investment of replacing outdated fluorescent lights with LEDs. From that point on, you are simply enjoying the lower premiums. If you were paying $1,000 per month for fluorescents, you are now paying $500 or less per month for LEDs. Now let’s add solar energy into the equation! Utility costs can fluctuate for many reasons, but solar energy can provide exponential long-term savings. By displacing 50% of your light with solar energy, you could bring your costs down to $250 per month.

For these reasons, switching to sustainable energy is a great hedge against future price increases on utilities, like when the price per kilowatt hour is typically at its highest rate during daylight hours

What Is the Best Solar-Powered LED Office Light Product On the Market?

In our professional lighting opinion, the FUSION solar-powered LED lighting system is the best on the market right now. Its efficiency outranks any other comparable product. FUSION has both commercial and industrial applications, from office troffers to production area high bays. Winner of the Plant Engineering 2018 Product of the Year Award, FUSION LED systems can provide all or a majority of light from solar panels when electricity costs are at their highest.

What makes this product stand out? Its innovative technology. FUSION is the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity. The Energybank LED system brings together:

  • Photovoltaic solar
  • Solid-state lighting
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Environmental stewardship

In this way, the FUSION systems deliver energy and grid parity costs at the point of use. Traditional grid systems for solar power can be expensive to install and maintain and actually lose lots of power during transfer. FUSION eliminates all of the expensive, high-maintenance, and inefficient equipment and processes required for a traditional grid-connected system and makes the most effective use of the solar energy harnessed.

What’s the economic value of a FUSION system?

  • Reduce lighting operating costs by up to 93%
  • Federal Tax Credit eligible as a renewable energy source for the complete FUSION

Solar-Powered LED lighting system (labor, lights, solar panel, distribution module,

controller, etc.)

  • Eliminate/minimize lighting maintenance costs

Another reason this solar-powered LED system is our go-to choice is its ease of installation. There’s no bulky, hulking solar grid to elaborately set up on the roof. Compatible with most roof anchor products, every component in the FUSION system is made with aluminum and stainless steel to ensure complete corrosion resistance, while also resisting the extreme wind and snow forces experienced over a building’s lifetime. It’s compact, simple, and quick to install. Integrated LED high bay fixtures and troffers for your interior are completed powered by solar during the day. As daylight levels change, AC power controlled by the Genius IoT controller automatically keeps the light output constant.

BizReps is proud to be an Energy Bank FUSION retailer. We are passionate about getting quality LED products and the latest solutions to businesses and building owners! 

Ready to learn more stepping into the future of energy efficiency with solar-powered LED office lighting? Book a call with our team at! We work with companies that are ready to take the next step into better lighting, more efficient lighting that’s going to save money and energy. There are many possible LED lighting solutions that we’re ready to share with you.

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