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Commercial EV Charging Stations
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According to Axios, “The government wants EVs to comprise 50% of all new car sales by 2030. But if electric vehicles are going to achieve mass market adoption, people also need to be able to find charging plugs.” The reality is that there are not enough charging stations to accommodate the pending surge in electric vehicle ownership. To businesses that is both a challenge and an opportunity to provide charging stations for customers and offer a competitive edge over your competition.

Currently only 9.7% of households in U.S. cities have access to a public EV charging station within 1/4 mile from home. There are 104,000 public charging plugs available today, just 18% of which are so-called “Level 3” or “DC fast chargers,” which can replenish an EV battery in an hour or less.

Now is the time to plan on adopting charging stations for your business, from retail stores to hotels, to restaurants. It will be the early adopters that will benefit from installing charging stations for their customers. So where do you start? You need to start by learning about which charging stations will best meet your needs, have the lowest operation and maintenance costs and provide the best service, You also need to find the resources to purchase, install and training your staff on how to operate the system and how to get a return on your investment.

BizReps is more than a reseller of EV Charing stations, we are a manufacturing representative agency that helps customers determine their needs and select the right equipment. We also help you understand and get all the needed accessories, software and training as well as coordinating qualified installation partners, Simply put, We are your resource for turn-key solutions from design all the way through to installation and setup.


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PowerCharge™ EV Charging Stations

Our EV Charging Stations presented by PowerCharge aspire to be the best Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and services in the industry. Our process covers every step from initial design through installation. We can also help you secure funding assistance, permitting, signage, and follow-up training and maintenance as needed.

PowerChargeTM offer two types of charging stations:

Commercial Networked Charging Stations

The “Pro Link” is our networked version providing Point of Sale (POS) with credit card swipe. EV drivers are no longer required to join a proprietary network! We eliminated the most annoying part of commercial charging in order to simplify usability and maximize revenue generation. Revenue management is included with all Pro Series networked stations. We make it easy for you, the station owner, by managing the fee structure you select and sending you the revenue each month. Usage data reporting and access control are included features providing comprehensive management of your EV Charging Program.

Commercial Non-Networked Charging Stations

Non-networked charging stations are a great option for when all you want to do is plug in and charge. There’s no network to activate or join and no access control. Best of all, these stations are offered at a lower cost than the networked versions. Use the filters below to find the ideal configuration for your needs. Theses level 2 charging stations attract ev drivers to charging points in shopping centers and parking spaces that have dc fast chargers with powerful output.

PowerCharge EV Charging Stations

PowerCharge™ Pro-Lightning

The PowerCharge™ Pro-Lightning Level 2 commercial charging station has an adjustable power output which gives you control over the ideal power to match your power supply, reducing the need for expensive infrastructure upgrades.

Some features of the Pro-Lightning include:

  • Aluminum construction with powder-coat finish & stainless-steel hardware
  • Sleek & modern modular design for quick & easy service and updates
  • Comes pre-assembled (fast & easy installation) and pre-configured (tested for software/cellular connectivity)
  • Multiple Models: Open Access, RFID Access Control, & Networked

Networked Software Options include:


To view the full details and technical specifications, download the PowerCharge Data Sheet.

BizReps Turnkey EV Charging Solutions For You

BizReps is more than just a manufacturer’s representative, we are your resource partner to help you identify your requirements and needs and then help you to select the right systems to meet your needs. From requirements gathering to design all the way through installation, training, and support. We have the technical knowledge and experience to help you find not only a charging station but a solution for your business.

We help you secure funding assistance, permitting, signage, and follow-up training and maintenance as needed. Use the latest rebates and tax incentives to reduce or even eliminate your material and install costs with our EV charging stations. Our team has a database listing tax incentives and rebates at the federal, state, county, and even municipality level to help reduce your costs as much as possible.

Getting started is easy.

The best way to get started is to contact us so that we can understand your situation, needs and applications. You may contact online through our contact form, schedule an appointment, or simply call us, whichever you prefer.
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